Smart governance for cities and towns.

Polyteia - the smart governance platform

for cities and towns.

Transform your data into insights.

Polyteia automatically integrates data from various legacy systems, transforming and visualizing them into real-time insights.

All relevant KPIs in one place

A simple overview of all financial and operational KPIs - no more data silos or isolated workflows. Only data-based governance.

Real-time analytics and reports

All current and historical data is ready at the push of a button. No more Excel nightmares, no more long wait times for reports.

Seamless data integration

Automated direct integration with city-based enterprise solutions, as well as other data providers and database systems. Manual entries? Obsolete.

European data security & protection standards

You always have full control over your data. All data is aggregated on your servers and made anonymous, and only then imported into the Polyteia dashboard.

Our users

Mayors, Treasurers,
Department Heads,
City Council

Polyteia Modules

Our product is modular by its architecture. Through different modules municipalities can centrally manage their tasks and processes with the help of data. In addition to the area of daycare, which Polyteia is currently launching, further modules will be available soon.
Local economy
& Investments
Utilization, personnel, budget, costs per spot, demand planning
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Mobility & Infrastructure
& Leisure
Fire department
"Polyteia transforms financial and operational data into KPIs and provides forecasts. Those enable me to control effectively and strategically, without any extra effort."
– Angelika Kerstenski, Treasurer of the City of Wriezen & Chairwoman of the Association of Treasurers in Brandenburg

Polyteia enables city leaders with data-empowered governance solutions.


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